TRE® Certification Training Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified TRE Provider. Incorporating TRE into your personal and professional life will open new possibilities!

Our certification program will prepare you to teach TRE safely, responsibly and professionally. Additionally, we require that our trainees experience the depth of personal healing, re-balancing and tension releasing that is possible through this somatic process.

TRE integrates well with traditional therapeutic modalities because it supports healing at the deepest levels of the neuro-physiology, where traumatic “fear” responses originate. Some individuals recovering from chronic stress, anxiety or trauma may have deep emotional and psychosomatic issues that need professional guidance.

Although I originally designed TRE as a self-help technique for large traumatized populations, it is becoming widely accepted as a somatic tool for mental health and health care professionals. In those cases, TRE should not be considered as a stand-alone method, but would be better included in a therapeutic session where the client can receive proper guidance along with those releases.

If you are seeking a somatic technique to enrich your healing practice, there are many unique qualities that would make TRE a good choice for you. If you are NOT a professional healthcare provider but you still want to learn how to share TRE with your family and community, the TRE certification process will give you the competency to do so.

The management of stress and the healing of trauma are challenging issues that face each of us daily. TRE offers a revolutionary approach and a teachable technique to aid each of us individually and as a larger community.
We look forward to your joining the TRE provider family!

David Berceli, Ph. D
Creator of TRE
Founder of TRE for All, Inc.

TRE for All, Inc. & Dr. Berceli hold the copyright and trademark on the TRE process.

Dr. Berceli oversees the development and the distribution of the Certification Training Program through a global network of skilled TRE Certification Trainers.

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Neurogenic Yoga

Neurogenic Yoga™ is a sister method of TRE® that combines yoga postures (asana) and breathing exercises (pranayama) with the body’s natural, therapeutic shaking response called Self Induced Therapeutic Tremors (SITT). Neurogenic Yoga™ is a simple, gentle and profound practice that facilities the lengthening and relaxation of the psoas muscle and the release of physical and emotional stress and tension. During a Neurogenic Yoga™ practice, we safely self-induce therapeutic vibration using yoga postures and breath. Often vibration begins in the legs and may spread throughout the entire body.The Neurogenic Yoga Certification Program has merged with the TRE Certification ProgramParticipants will now be certified in both Neurogenic Yoga and TRE in one integrated training. This dual certification is only open to experienced yoga teachers.Click here for more details https://www.youtube.com/embed/hTm-b_cq4-Y

Who can benefit from TRE?

If you have ever gotten up to speak in front of an audience and gotten “knocking knees”, been in a car accident and found yourself shaking afterwards, or found yourself angry and had shaking in your belly or other body parts, then you have experienced this type of vibration. Since this shaking mechanism in the muscles is part of our natural behavior as humans, everyone can benefit. These self-induced therapeutic tremors increase the resiliency of the body because they cause deep relaxation that naturally reduce stress levels and muscle contraction. These vibrations can release emotions ranging from mild upset to severe anxiety whether it is caused by work stress, excessive worry, conflict in relationships, physical stress, or traumas from accidents. Additionally, tremoring has been reported to reduce and eliminate pain, increase mobility, and aid healing of recent and past injuries.

Whether you are a parent/spouse who would like more patience with your family, a survivor of violence or an accident, a soldier suffering with PTSD, or simply someone who wants to become more resilient and healthier, you can benefit from Neurogenic Yoga.

Reported Benefits Include

  • Release of chronic tension and increase of energy and stamina
  • Discharge of buried emotional and physical trauma
  • Freedom from symptoms of sciatica and fibromyalgia
  • Decrease of aches and pains
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved mood
  • Improved sense of feeling grounded and focused
  • Improved flexibility

Visit www.neurogenicyoga.com

Go to Neurogenic Yoga Teacher Training

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Research Studies

Although there is a lot of anecdotal evidence regarding TRE, and many pilot clinical outcome studies are in progress and have verified its efficacy around the globe, larger controlled quantitative and qualitative studies are needed. To participate in any ongoing research programs or to begin your own, please contact the TRE Research department at Research@traumaprevention.com

Research Studies

TRE focuses on releasing the psoas muscle, which connects the lumbar vertebrae to the pelvis. This powerful muscle holds physical, emotional, and mental stress that we carry in our bodies over the course of our lives.

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Research In Progress

    • Austrian Military Research Project Outline | Download
    • Neurogenic Tremors Training (TRE) for Stress and PTSD:  A Controlled Clinical Trial (VA Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona) | Download